• Continued Innovation

    IBS continues to focus on providing the best solution to treat and manage wastewater treatment systems. Research and development of new products and services is essential in tackling today’s wastewater issues.

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Research Partnership

IBS and it’s products are founded on scientific research and development. From the beginning right to today we are continuing to do research into improving product quality, effectiveness and we are developing new compound to attack new and emerging problems in the wastewater industry. IBS has partnered with the University of Calgary and Dr. Joo Hwa (Andrew) Tay, to complete third party verification and now develop new products for the wastewater sector. This partnership has been supported and partly funded by Mitacs Canada, and the National Research Council.

Research Team

IBS has built and developed a fantastic research team to include world renown scientist and industry experts. In conjunction with working along side Dr. Joo Hwa (Andrew) Tay, we are privileged to also be working with world class Ph D. Students. Under the stewardship of Dr. Tay there are now 11 students that are completing research into many different applications and treatment processes. Each student focuses on one topic within the boarder microbial enhancement treatment process. Some topics include, Oil and Gas, membranes, Emerging containments of concern, high strength wastewater, and nutrient removal.

  • Dr. Andrew Tay, Ph.D. Civil Engineering University of Calgary

    Before coming to Calgary Dr Tay was a Professor at Nanyang Technological University for 30 years. Dr. Tay graduated from the National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 1971 with BSc degree in Civil Engineering. He obtained the MSc degree in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering from University of Cincinnati, USA in 1972, and PhD in Environmental Engineering from University of Toronto, Canada in 1976. He is a registered PEng in both Singapore and Ontario, Canada. He has lectured at universities in Canada, United States and Singapore since 1976.

    Dr. Tay has served as consultant to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations organizations (e.g. UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO, UNESCAP, UNCRD), World Health Organization (WHO), and several other International Technical Assistant Programmes on environmental engineering & management in Asia-Pacific region for the last 20 years.  He also provides consultancy services on environmental management issues to the governments and industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Recently Dr. Tay was named Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Wastewater Engineering. Visit the University of Calgary website for Dr. Tay’s full profile.

  • Rania Hamza

    Rania Hamza is a PhD student in the department of Civil Engineering at The University of Calgary since 2014. Before starting her PhD studies, she was working as an engineer for fluids, hydraulics and construction surveying labs at the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt. Rania has more than ten years of experience in both academia and industry in the field of environmental engineering and sustainable development. She received her MSc. in Environmental Engineering and BSc. in Construction Engineering in 2011 and 2006 from AUC.

    Roya Pishgar

    Roya Pishgar is B.Sc. graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Mazandaran, Iran (2007) and is M.Sc. graduate in Environmental Engineering from the Babol (Noshirvani) University of Technology, Iran (2011). From 2014, she has commenced her PhD study in the University of Calgary, Canada and her thesis topic has been defined as nutrients (i. e. nitrogen and phosphorus) removal in single continuous-flow granular sludge bioreactor.

Approved Research Funding

Two Federal Government Funded Programs

  • After submission of the “Development of a Microbe Granulation technology for the increased treatment of organic wastewater, removal of emerging containments and digestion of sludge” we are proud to announce that Mitacs has approved and funded our research project. For more information please visit their website.

    MitacsAccelerate Program
  • The National Research Council of Canada has approved our project to coincide with the research done in the Mitacs project. Both are focused on verification of current products and development of new and improved methods of treating wastewater influent.

    National Research Council of CanadaBIAP Program