IBS Projects

Delburne, AB CAN

  • Before, May, 2015

  • After, May, 2016

Removed 71% sludge in one year, At 24% of the cost to manually remove.
The total project cost to clean up the lagoons came to only $30,500 compared to the quoted to clean out their lagoon through dredging the lagoon and manually removing the sludge of $125,000.00. This is a 76% savings, with no additional environmental impacts of applying the sludge elsewhere.
“Wow, what an amazing difference, we are extremely pleased with the results. We would be happy to recommend this to anyone!”
Karen Fegan, Town Manager
Gary Rusaw, Town Foreman

Vibank, SK, CAN

Sludge Removal

May 2013 to Oct 2013
Over 6 ft of Sludge
Manual Removal est. $60,000+
Before and After Effluent Results

The Village of Vibank, SK had a company quoted the Village a cost of $60,000 to manually remove the built up sludge plus the cost of digging a sludge pit for disposal. The sludge had mounded over the water level and was causing considerable alarm for the village. The village starting used IBS granules and after the four months of treatment from May to August 2013, the town was able to remove approx. 6 ft of sludge.
“Council is very pleased with IBS and are definitely committed to continuing with this product. This product has saved the Village of Vibank thousands of dollars.”
Jeanette Schaeffer, Town Administrator

Potential Removal Rates

Improves Effluent quality
Removes Harmful Pathogens
Cleans Wastewater

Lagoon Effluent Improvements

  • Fecal Coliform

  • E.Coli

  • Phosphorus

  • Ammonia

  • BOD

  • TKN

University of Calgary Verification

Over 90% Removal of COD, in 6 days

Other Desludging Testimonials

The town of Hepburn had visual build up of sludge that was on the verge of affecting the systems ability to treat the towns wastewater. After contact with Acti-Zyme the town foreman starting used IBS treatment technology and after the four months of treatment from June to September 2014, the town was able to remove approx. 7 ft of sludge.
“I thought it would do something, but I was surprise how well it removed all the sludge. There is literally nothing left. Incredible.”
Tim Harms, Town Foreman
The town of Broadview, after assessing the sludge build up in the towns lagoon system, were advised by an engineering firm that the town had to manually remove the sludge estimated to cost thousands of dollars outside of the towns budget. The town had already been using Acti-Zyme to some extent but not sufficient for sludge maintenance. After council with IBS they increase dosage to properly de-sludge the lagoon, after which the sludge was digested and the system increased its capacity.
Brent Bagshaw, Town Foreman

Northern City, NWT

  • Before

  • After 6 weeks

Restoration & Reduction of FOG Sludge in Lift Station, 6 weeks.

Calgary, AB CAN

  • Before

  • After 4 weeks

Full Pipeline Rehabilitation over 24 km,1 month.

Vinalopó river, Spain

  • Before
    A 76% Reduction of Sludge in River Basin, over 288 km, 3 months.

  • After

Chegutu, Zimbabwe

  • Before

  • After

Reduction of 11,250 m3 of Sludge in Facultative Lagoon, 4 months.
“… the Municipality of Chegutu, have successfully tried the use of IBS in the treatment of one or our primary sewage ponds … From the results obtained in the trial, we have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing the use of Acti-Zyme in the treatment of heavily loaded and dysfunctional/malfunctioning sewage treatment works and reticulation networks.”
Douglas Chimhande, Town Planner

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Full Pipeline Rehabilitation over 15 km, 1 month

Big Sky, MT USA

  • September 30, 2015

  • November 15, 2015

Pumped out an additional 70% or 3,220 m 3 of the previous compacted manure.

The Garden Plain Colony’s bubbling primary lagoon. A 550 sow hog operation in southern SK, Canada. Users of Hycura for over 10 years.
Visible increased biological reaction, thousands of bubbles and movement of solid.

Wastewater Maintenance and Sludge Control

The City of Melfort, after treating its wastewater lagoon system for 25 Years with IBS technology drained their Lagoon and found that “there was almost no sludge buildup at all, and that expensive drag line removal we had anticipated, would not be necessary. We continue to use it and considering the results we have obtained, we do not hesitate to recommend the product to any community to that wants to reduce sewage disposal problems.”
Brian Lutz WWTP Operator.
Outlook has been successfully treating their wastewater treatment system for over 45 years with only the use of IBS Technology as their sole technique. They have never had to de-sludge their lagoon or seen any signs of sludge build up.
Luke Lockhart
SaskWater manages many wastewater treatment facilities for towns and cities through out Saskatchewan and Doug Lang plays an integral part in running that team. Doug has used IBS products in multiple towns to reduce sludge and for full management of wastewater. Doug Lang, Town Foreman.
Jacob Tricker, Wastewater Operator, Alberta, Canada. “IBS Product is beautiful It works wonders, miracles! I have seen sludge build up 4 inches thick in pump stations, and seen it eaten away within 2 to 3 weeks after using the product. The walls were clean … Any of our traps or weirs is spotless. It is a fabulous product… For preventative maintenance purposes it is an excellent product. There is little to no sludge build at all… Your product breaks down anything organic. It is the only product we use, and really the only maintenance that needs to be done. It keeps everything running smoothly.”

Biogas Production

Increased Over 35%
Improves Quality
Reduces Odours

Springville, UT, USA

  • Started, Oct, 2016

  • Ongoing

Reduced Dry Metric Tons of Biosolids by Avg. 31%

  • Started, Oct, 2016

  • Ongoing

Increased biogas production by avg. 32%

Digester Economics

2 Month Improvements:
– Decrease of 22 DMT – savings of $7,139
– Improved quality and quantity of biogas – Valued at $4,721
– Cost of Product – $2,964

Total project economic benefit = $8,896
Annual Estimated Economic Benefit of $42,752 300% ROI
“I am impressed! This has significantly improved ouranaerobic digestion process. I highly recommend this product.” Thad Monsen, WWTP Manager

University of Calgary

Anaerobic Digester Test

  • “At day 50 th , methane composed 65% of internal gas in [treated][/treated] R1, while it composed 50% of internal gas in [control][/control] R2. The trends suggested that methane production was larger in [treated][/treated] R1with EGMs from day 20 th on.”
    Roya Pishgar, PhD Candidate UofC

    30% Improvemen

    “At day 36 th , VS removal efficiencies of 37% were achieved in [treated][/treated] R1, as opposed to 17% in [control][/control] R2. This finding suggested that the addition of EGMs could augment sludge removal capability of the activated sludge.”
    Roya Pishgar, PhD Candidate UofC
    117.65% Improvement

University of York
Anaerobic Digester Test

“This clearly shows the effect of the increased rate of biogas flow due to the microbial addition…. Total biogas output without supplement is 93 litres and with supplement is 147 litres.”
Dr David Vaughan and Dr Fabien Deswarte, University of York, UK
58% Improvement

Font of Stone, Spain

Brigham City, UT, USA

Aerobic Digester Converted to Anaerobic
30% Reduction in sludge volume
4 days to Dry, now 30 hrs.
14 drying beds to 3
Increase in Methane, Quality and Quantity

South Davis WWTP, UT

Reduced solids by 20% in four months, and increased methane over 17%.