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    IBS Microbial Enhancement Technology is for use in municipal, commercial and contained livestock anaerobic digestion systems.

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  • Unique Features

    IBS is like no other biological treatment. With proven success it is specifically designed to focus on hydrolysis, the liquefying and breakdown of bio-solids. It is composed of a proprietary combination of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative microbes, enzymes, nutrients and neutralizers for optimal performance.

    • Microbe Enhancement

      Using our new Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) combined with our mix proprietary enzymes and bacteria increases the settleability and decomposition of biosolids.

    • 100% All Natural

      All our components are completely natural and are derived from the naturally occurring microbes found in wastewater. IBS is eco-friendly and biodegradable with no fillers as it is comprised of 99.99% active ingredients.

    • Safe for Aquatic Life

      After a complete bio-assay test it was found that when Hycura is added to water there is a 100% survival rate of aquatic life.

    • Requires Less Energy

      With no need of mechanical processes or the use of electricity the application of IBS products is the most energy efficient way to treat any biological wastewater.

    • Industrial Strength

      IBS products have been in use by hundreds municipalities for over 60 years and we use the same industrial high grade products in all our treatment products.

    • Proven in the Field

      IBS has been tried and tested not only in the lab but has proven itself time and time again as the most effective and cost efficient way to digest sludge and fully treat wastewater.

“Out typical clients have felt .. ”

  • Frustration with the high costs of solids management
  • Have issues with Fats, Oils or Grease build up and/or upset systems
  • Overwhelmed with foul odours
  • Disappointed with their system’s performance
  • Concerned about reaching federal regulated guidelines or
  • Seeking for technologies to improve digestion and Biogas production

Improved Digestion, Enhanced Treatment, Increased Biogas!

Take advantage of Hycura’s industrial strength MET Compounds.

  • Bio-Catalytic

    Multiplying every 15 -30 mins, these bacteria mean business and the get the job done fast.

  • Liquefies Solids

    IBS microbes are specifically targeted to breakdown fats, starches, and proteins found in sludge.

  • Increases Capacity

    With the increased digestion through the process of Bio-Augmentation, Hycura will increase the capacity of any system.

  • FREE System Assessments

    We provide a free systems assessment and evaluations determining areas with potential improvement and a full economic evaluation for the recommended changes.

  • Toll Free Help Line

    IBS provides an additional toll free help line for every client. You will be able to reach a live technician to assist and provide advice for common anaerobic digester problems or product application questions. 01954 781841.

  • Product Performance Guarantee

    Your anaerobic digester will reach specific measurable targeted improvements, decreasing residual sludge, increasing reusable biogas, lowering maintenance and chemical costs, and stabilize the biological reaction for enhanced nutrient removal. We guarantee it!

Trillions of Microbes in Every Container

Concentrated, All Natural Proprietary Ingredients

  • Fully Guaranteed Improved Treatment

    IBS products offer effective biological enhanced wastewater treatment as it acts like a catalyst to anaerobic digesters.With targeted outcomes of increased compound degradation, nutrient removal, odor control and increased biogas. These microbial enhanced wastewater solutions safely lower operating costs, improve system eciency, and simplifies wastewater treatment operations.

    Each anaerobic system treated with IBS is expected to achieve measurable improvements which will insure the system runs smoother, with less chemicals, less sludge to manage and have a net positive effect on the economics of running such a system.

How does it work? …
Case Studies, Technical Analysis

Going the extra mile, Delivering significant improvements.

South Davis Treatment Plant, Utah, USA

  • The South Davis Treatment Plant located in the Salt Lake City, Utah valley region completed a five month (Feb ’01 to June ’01) study on the effects of using IBS in its anaerobic digester. Among other findings, the study found that after inoculating the digester with IBSa it found that after the 4 month period there was a reduction of over 15% of residual solids. They perviously had to use 14 drying beds which after treatment only needed three drying beds. Additionally they saw an 17.22% increase in methane production as a result of the increased digestions and destructions of volatile solids.

Biogas Production Study – Centre for Innovation, Olds College, AB, Canada

  • Abimbola Abiola Ph.D., P.Ag. professor at Olds College, AB, Canada conducted a study on the biogas production from hog manure. The following is a direct quote from his findings:

    “The results of the investigation show that daily and cumulative biogas production increased as the concentration of IBS increased, and the rate of increase was proportional to the concentration of IBS that was added. It was also observed that the gross biogas production was significantly higher at 100% manure than at 10%. This means that the manure does not need to be diluted with water to obtain significant biogas production.”

    This study demonstrates the significant improvement of the release of bio-gases with the use of Hycura. Below is the chart showing the results of the study.

WWTP – Font de la Stone, Spain.

Jose Garcia Gonzalez conducted a three month demonstration at the Font de Stone WWTP in Spain. The study was able to show significant improvement of digestion by decreasing residual solids by 44% and by a result increasing bio-gas production by 46%.The following is a direct quote from this study:

“…The advantages… derived from the application of the IBS product … in anaerobic digestion are multiple but can ultimately be summarized in one…: capability to digest all organic matter including cellulose in high concentrations (alpechines) in an anaerobic manner through the metanipherous route, without producing gases with foul odour”

For full details and reports download the complete Hycura Anaerobic Technical Binder.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The Proof is in the Pudding, in Our Case the Proof is in Clean Water.

I always told myself to try everything, hoping that one day I would find a product that would work. After 20 years of trying all kinds of products I thought using this product would do something, but I was surprised how well it digested all the sludge. We started with using 14 drying beds and dropped that down to three. It dewatered so fast. It was Incredible!

Jack PetersonSalt Lake City, UT, USA

The results of the investigation show that daily and cumulative biogas production increased as the concentration of [Hycura][/Hycura] increased.

Abimbola Abiola Ph.D., P.AgOlds College

After more than a year after the start of testing, and continuing weekly maintenance … you can consider tested positive,in that the reduction is manifest dehydrated sludge, increasing the production of biogas is at present more than twice the average.

D. Juan Antonio Sanchez Martinez, Undersecretary of Public WorksValencia, Spain
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