Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment products

Municipal wastewater treatment products

The principal characteristics of municipal wastewater can be classified as physical, chemical and biological, and depend upon land use, population density, storm water handling, industrial users and domestic water supply. IBS offers advanced biological wastewater technologies designed for municipal wastewater treatment plants in order for them to effectively maximize plant efficiency while lowering operating costs and making the plant easier to operate.

Contained Livestock

IBS dairy and cattle manure handling system products are a non-hazardous material and are bio-catalytic in nature where in the presence of water, the bacteria multiply every 30 minutes as they follow their food source. As the bacteria follow their food source they will multiply in above or underground water, unlike chemicals, which dilute over short distances. This environmentally safe product provides the ability to virtually eliminate sludge and crust in overloaded septic systems, while cleaning up septic fields which stops the pollution of waterways, lakes and underground water.

On-site Wastewater Treatment (Septic Tanks)

An all-natural and 100% environmentally safe biological treatment, developed with industrial grade products for residential use in any septic system. With over 6 billion microbes and enzymes per gram. The non-toxic microbes begins working immediately and multiplies every 30 minutes until bio-solid materials are digested. It opens up and restores clogged septic tanks, fields and pipelines. It helps reduce sludge buildup and prolongs the life of any septic system.

Potential Sectors

It is reasonable to assume that with organic waste matter in one sector is very similar to organic waste in another. If you are not part of any of the sectors mentioned above, please complete the contact form below and we will gladly provide a Free Consultation to find out if we can also help you in your particular sector.